Casino Support

Players can enjoy the Golden Eagle Casino with confidence thanks to the round the clock customer service and support that is offered at the casino. The support team have been trained in all aspects of the casino and are available at all times to answer questions and queries that pertain to the casino and games offered and even the deposit and withdrawal methods.

Contacting the Support Team

The support team are contactable in a number of ways. Players can contact the team through calling a toll free phone number that is provided or they can even email the team using the address that is provided. But, the most popular method of contacting the support team is by clicking on the live link icon that directly connects with a customer service representative who does his best to answer the players query and if he cannot instantly answer he does promise to get back to the player within 24 hours or less. Knowing that there is such a responsive and excellent support system in place at the casino gives the player confidence in the games he plays and peace of mind.